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Motion Pictures

Norman Corwin began writing for the silver screen as early as 1940 on his first trip to Hollywood. His crowning achievement in this field was the screenplay adaptation for the Vincent Van Gogh biopic Lust For Life starring Kirk Douglas and Anthony Quinn. Norman Corwin received an Academy Award nomination for his work on this film, as did Kirk Douglas and Anthony Quinn (Quinn won the award for Best Supporting Actor).

Forever and a Day [one of 22 writers] (RKO Pictures, 1943)

Once Upon a Time [story] (Columbia Pictures, 1944)

The Blue Veil (RKO Pictures, 1951)

Scandal at Scourie (MGM, 1953)

The Band Wagon [uncredited] (MGM, 1953)

Moby Dick [uncredited] (Warner Bros., 1956)

No Place to Hide (Allied Artists Pictures, 1956)

Lust for Life (MGM, 1956)

The Naked Maja (United Artists, 1958)

The Story of Ruth (20th Century Fox, 1960)

Madison Avenue (20th Century Fox, 1962)

The General with the Cockeyed Id [short] (John Sutherland Productions, 1964)

Judgment: The Court Martial of the Tiger of Malaya – General Yamashita [TV movie] (1974)


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